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A Winter Wedding by Brenda Novak

A Winter Wedding (Whiskey Creek) - Brenda Novak

Kyle is the quintessential good guy.  He owns a successful business and has a tight knit group of friends.  Unfortunately, he made one mistake years ago in his love life and he's been paying for that mistake ever since.  Kyle is more than surprised when country singer and star Lourdes Bennett shows up as the renter for his farmhouse.  Lourdes is trying to stage a comeback in her career and wants the peace and quiet to start on her next album.


Kyle hasn't seriously looked at another woman since losing Olivia years ago, but Lourdes peaks his interest.  When the heat doesn't work at the rental, Lourdes suggests staying with Kyle.  While living together, they become friends.  The longer that Lourdes lives with Kyle, the more she comes to see just how appealing he is.  Between the increasing interest in Lourdes and the new and ongoing problems for Kyle, they give in to their attraction.  The only problem is that their relationship becomes much more serious than either planned for or wanted.


A Winter Wedding is an entertaining story with two people who have been more successful in work than in love.  Brenda Novak created a great heroine in Lourdes who is exactly what Kyle needed.  A Winter Wedding can be read as a standalone in the Whiskey Creek series. 


*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.