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Zack by Sawyer Bennett

Zack is struggling after losing Gina four months ago.  He realizes the importance of setting an example for his son, Ben, and the need to find a new normal for them.  He's checked out emotionally and is searching for a way to feel again.  Kate is smart, quirky, geeky, independent, fiercely loyal, and great with children.  She's a huge hockey fan and Zack is her favorite player.


Kate is a bit star struck upon meeting Zack, but she's determined to find a way to make Zack comfortable with her in order to keep her job as Ben's nanny.  They get off to a rough start, but Ben bonds with Kate very quickly.  Kate makes it her mission to make Zack smile more. 


Zack and Kate have great chemistry!  You can feel it whenever they are in the same room together.  Zack is carrying a lot of guilt surrounding Gina and her death, so he's determined to keep Kate's role in his life very compartmentalized.  He wants her, but only on his terms.  But the more time they spend together, the more he wants to be around her.  She soothes him and is a great listener.


Zack is a sexy, heartwarming romance where opposites attract.  Zack is the third book in the Cold Fury series, but it can be read as a standalone.  Sawyer Bennett created a great pairing in Zack and Kate.  Ms. Bennett respectfully handled Zack's loss and how he moved forward.  Fans of Rachel Gibson would enjoy Zack!


*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.