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Kiss Me by Susan Mallery

Kiss Me - Susan Mallery

Phoebe is on a forced vacation after almost ending up in jail for a coworker's mistake.  Phoebe is a great real estate agent and she loves helping people find a house.  And it's Phoebe's selfless, giving nature and inability to say no that leads her to Fool's Gold.  Zane stepped up to raise his younger brother Chase and save the family ranch.  The ranch is in great shape, but Chase is forever making mistakes.  The latest screw-up leads to Zane taking tourists on the ranch's cattle drive.


Phoebe is immediately attracted to the tall, sexy, quiet cowboy.  She's very unsure about going on the cattle drive since she's a city girl and never ridden a horse, but Zane watches out for her.  Zane is drawn to everything about Phoebe, including her soft heart and penchant for talking to animals.  Both have plenty of work-related troubles on their plate, but they can't resist the attraction between them.


Kiss Me was a highly entertaining book that I didn't want to put down!  Phoebe and Zane had great chemistry in their endearing opposites attract romance.  I also really enjoyed the secondary storyline involving other tourists on the cattle drive. Kiss Me is a great addition to the Fool's Gold series and I can't wait for Thrill Me!


*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.