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Thrill Me by Susan Mallery

Thrill Me (Fool's Gold) - Susan Mallery

Maya moved back to Fool's Gold after her career seemed to stagnate.  She may not be looking forward to trying to manage Eddie and Gladys, but that might be easier than facing the one man she loved and ran from.  Del is also back in Fool's Gold for the summer and he's not exactly thrilled to be working with Maya either.  They seemingly find a way to be professional while working together and ease back into a friendship.  The only problem is that they are attracted to each again and with the more time they are working together, the deeper they seemingly fall. 


Thrill Me is an entertaining and fun ride as Maya and Del learn that they just might get their second chance after all.  Thrill Me is a great addition to the ever humorous Fool's Gold series and can be read as a standalone.  Susan Mallery proves yet again that Fool's Gold is a place I would love to visit, at least to meet the infamous Mayor Marsha.


*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.