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Winner Takes All

Winner Takes All (Champion Valley) - Erin Kern

Blake is looking to finally have his second chance.  He has struggled with how his promising football career came to an end, but now he is ready to start living a little more.  And that means taking on the task of coaching the football team that hasn't seen the playoffs, much less a winning season, since he was a high school senior.  The pressure is on since not everyone is on board with a disgraced former player coaching teenagers.


Annabelle is dedicated, loyal, and selflessly giving.  She also needs to be in control and has no problem with telling others what they should be doing.  She's determined to take care of her mom and protect her heart after her divorce.  As a physical therapist, she pushes her clients to do what is best for their health regardless of what they want.


While Annabelle and Blake strike enough sparks off each other that everyone notices, Blake is not willing to allow anyone else to have say in how he coaches his players.  As the teams' physical therapist, Annabelle refuses to back down and challenges Blake as often as she needs to, on and off the field.  They challenge each other as they see more than the other is comfortable with.  Even though they want different things out of a relationship, they can't stay away from each other, nor do they really want to.


Winner Takes All is a fun, flirty, sexy romance.  Erin Kern created engaging characters and built an interesting world in Champion Valley.  Ms. Kern has a great start to a new series with sexy, alpha males, strong women, and some eccentric secondary characters.  Fans of Shannon Stacey would enjoy Winner Takes All.


*Advanced copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.