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The Bachelor Auction

The Bachelor Auction (The Bachelors of Arizona) - Rachel Van Dyken

Brock has no time for dating.  He's too busy trying to run the family company, keep his grandfather healthy, and keep his younger twin brothers (somewhat) in line.  He would do anything for his grandfather, including agreeing to be featured in a bachelor auction.  Being auctioned off might not be so bad, but he has to date (and maybe marry) the woman of his grandfather's choosing.


Jane is in desperate need of a break.  She's busy running her father's cleaning business while also acting as the maid, chef, personal assistant, and accountant for her older sisters.  While Jane is loyal to her sisters, she's getting tired of always cleaning up their messes in an effort to keep their family together. 


When Brock and Jane first meet, it's clear that they have chemistry.  Brock seems like an unreachable fantasy…until they meet again when Brock goes from seeming like Prince Charming to a toad.  It figures that the one time Brock meets a woman he's truly interested in, there's not much he can do about it.  Jane tempts and challenges him in a way that no other woman has and it doesn’t help that his family continues to interfere.  With Jane, Brock could at least have a chance at happiness until he has to face the auction.


The Bachelor Auction is entertaining, funny, sexy, and heartwarming.  Rachel Van Dyken brings together many different elements to create a story that pulled me in from the beginning.  With a meddlesome grandpa and complicated brothers, The Bachelor Auction is a great start to a new series!


*I received a copy from NetGalley.