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Alex - Sawyer Bennett

Alex was a great book!! Alex is a premier hockey player who is hated by the fans and he hates the game itself. Alex is not your typical bad boy athlete, as he keeps to himself most of the time. He doesn't feel compelled to change his image or behavior, until his team forces him to join a drug outreach program as the spokesperson. Things begin to change when Alex meets Sutton Price, a dedicated, intelligent, understanding, and gorgeous counselor who is heading up the program. The attraction is instant for both of them, but Sutton understandably doesn't want to cross that line.

Sutton, while at times equally frustrated and fulfilled with her work, hasn't had good luck in love. I was really not a fan of her ex-boyfriend, in part because of his excuse for ending their relationship. Because of her work and her own childhood, Sutton is the perfect woman for Alex. She's supportive and understanding, even when Alex is an ass. She challenges Alex to be a better man and she won't accept his behavior.

Garrett is a great secondary character! He is an integral character and really helps pull Alex into being a better teammate and more involved in the game. I would love Garrett to get his own book!

I would recommend this book! It was a really good start to a new series. It had great characters, an interesting story, a realistic picture of addiction, and good pacing. I loved the build-up and anticipation for Alex and Sutton's relationship. I'm looking forward to more Cold Fury Hockey books!

*I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.